PT Tekpak Indonesia as a stretch film manufacturer that serves the export market, SELLS THE MOST COMPLETE STRETCH FILM & VARIOUS VARIANTS of different types and specifications according to customer needs. Supported by the development of technology, coupled with the use of technologically advanced machines and innovations carried out by Tekpak Indonesia, there are also more diverse variants of stretch film / plastic wrapping that we produce. Of course, we do this to provide choices to buyers.

Our products range from hand wraps, machine wraps and bundle taps. Of course, with various specifications, various color choices, various thicknesses, to have a very high tenacity even up to 400% (depending on the thickness of the plastic used).

For Hand Roll (click for full specifications), it is available in 5 types with different specifications namely Blown Stretch Film, High-Performance Hand Roll, Power Hand Roll, Pre-Stretch Hand Roll, and Standard Hand Roll. Then for Machine Roll there are 4 types that we provide (click for complete specifications) namely Power Pre-Stretch Machine Roll, Spiral Wrap Film, Standard Machine Roll and Super Power Pre-Stretch. As for Bundle Tape (click for full specifications) currently only 1 brand that we provide, namely Standard Bundle Tape.

We will always innovate to support the increasingly high market demand for quality plastic wrapping. We, PT Tekpak Indonesia serve the demand of export market for our customers all over the world.

For more complete information regarding our stretch film products, just contact our email at sales@tekpak.co.id. Our marketers will be happy to serve you

More information? email to sales@tekpak.co.id

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