Increasingly, the use of plastic is increasing, which is causing an increase in plastic waste on our earth. We both know that the process of decomposition of plastics is very long, it can even reach tens to hundreds of years. Tekpak Indonesia as the largest stretch film manufacturer is aware of this.

We continue to innovate in order to create environmentally friendly plastics, and we have succeeded in creating stretch films / environmentally friendly plastics, namely oxo biodegradable. For information, this biodegradable oxo adidictive substance is supported by one of the well-known companies that have experience in the field, namely REVERTE.

Reporting from the page during the Covid-19 pandemic, the amount of plastic waste has increased rapidly which damages and pollutes marine ecosystems. In fact, it is not the plastic that we blame because plastic has so many uses that can help our daily lives. However, due to unwise management, and the large use of single-use plastics, plastic waste cannot be contained.

Because of this, Tekpak Indonesia continues to innovate to produce environmentally friendly products. Unlike the basic material of ordinary stretch film, this biodegradable oxo stretch film is able to decompose very quickly by air and soil. The process takes only 2-5 years, which is much better than ordinary stretch film material.

With this latest product innovation, Tekpak Indonesia hopes to provide quality stretch film solutions but still be environmentally friendly. For more complete information about oxo biodegradable stretch film, you can immediately contact us via email to

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