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Tekrap Bio

In today’s world, where sustainability is a top priority, finding eco-friendly alternatives to conventional packaging materials is crucial. One innovative solution that has emerged is Tekrap Bio, a stretch film made from 50% sugarcane waste. With its commitment to environmental responsibility, Tekrap Bio is revolutionizing the packaging industry and paving the way for a greener […]

Moving to Sustainable Packaging with Us

We hear you. No more worries on reducing plastics use & working with plastic ban regulation. We are now striving to a sustainable packaging. We develop products that can give better impact to our environment. Recycled Content, Bio Based Plastic & Oxo Biodegradable Film. We have them all. Recycled Content (TekRap Loop) We are now […]

Welcome to the New Plastic Generation – Bio Plastics

Realizing a high focus on reducing plastics use as one of environmental pollution, Tekpak Indonesia brings a competitive solution. Aside from offering an OXO Biodegradable Film, we are developing a wood based renewable resin. This renewable resin comes from a bio naptha, which turns into polyethylene resin, creating an alternative way for plastic production. If […]

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