Welcome to the New Plastic Generation – Bio Plastics

Realizing a high focus on reducing plastics use as one of environmental pollution, Tekpak Indonesia brings a competitive solution. Aside from offering an OXO Biodegradable Film, we are developing a wood based renewable resin. This renewable resin comes from a bio naptha, which turns into polyethylene resin, creating an alternative way for plastic production.

If conventional plastic comes from a fossil, this bio plastic comes from bio ingredients. As a result, the plastic would definitely have lower carbon footprint & can be a solution toward fossil fuels & energy use. Both of our conventional & renewable plastics are recyclable.

With this new plastic generation, we are integrating that plastic needs to be part of the circular economy. This is also another way to ensure that plastic can also be the solution.

More information? email to sales@tekpak.co.id

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