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Blown Film Export

PT Tekpak indonesia, one of the blown film manufacturers serving the export market, produces a wide variety of plastic wrapping variants ranging from various colors to sizes. We serve the needs of export markets around the world for high-quality plastic wrapping needs, one of which is blown film products. Blown film is a type of […]


Stretch hood

There are so many protective materials that can be used in the process of shipping goods, ranging from cardboard, plastic boxes, to plastic packing. Sending goods, be it production or goods, almost certainly requires protection so that the goods or products sent can arrive at their destination in good condition as expected. Of the several […]

Blown Top Sheet

Blown Film, or Tubular Film Extrusion is one of the most common methods in film manufacture. Blown Top Sheet, which is an example product of Blown Film, comes from Blown Cast Line Machine. The process involves the extrusion of a plastic through a circular die, followed by a “bubble-like” expansion. Due to the application method […]

Tekpak New Products

To meet the ever changing needs in the market, Tekpak Indonesia has continuously developed some new industrial products. These are to help our customers meet their broad and specific needs. Here you go: Shrink Film – Widely known to pack food and beverages in food industries, Shrink Film can also be applied in a wider […]

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