Tekpak New Products

To meet the ever changing needs in the market, Tekpak Indonesia has continuously developed some new industrial products. These are to help our customers meet their broad and specific needs. Here you go:

Shrink Film – Widely known to pack food and beverages in food industries, Shrink Film can also be applied in a wider industry. It can help you unitize products in a pallet to replace Stretch Film. Furthermore, it can help you in uniting shack of charcoal cement in a pallet.




Top Sheet/Pallet Cover – To cover the top surface of your pallet that cannot be reached by any stretch film. It is suitable for products that are very sensitive to contaminants and have to be in a perfect & clean condition at all times. We provide Top Sheet with various sizes and Packaging to tend to various market needs.




OPP Tape – Perfect for most packing applications, especially carton sealers. We provide OPP Tape for manual and automatic sealer. Our OPP Tape consists of special acrylic water-based glue which made it have a high adhesive capability.  This acrylic water-based glue is also suitable for most climates.





Nonwoven materials – they have been widely used to make reusable goodlie bags, medical masks, hair covers and even to protect agricultural plants from pests.
Our Nonwoven material is strong, soft and available in various vibrant colors that suitable for various usage and occasions.


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