Tekpak New Product Development: Builder Film

Builder Film, a polythene resin based film, is commonly used to cover a variety of construction & building project against dust, moisture, vapour & water. Furthermore, it can also be used to protect floors, to wrap hazardous substance, to mask under construction areas, to protect your valuable construction goods from scratch, to dispose asbestos, and […]

Mixing Order & Small Quantities. Why Not?

Need our product in smaller quantity due to the lack storage & the decreasing purchasing power concern?          Why not? We could make it workable for you. You can combine up to 4 kinds of products & up to 6 kinds of items within 1 shipment from us.          […]

The Renewable Formula of Our Oxo Biodegradable Film

Need a plastic which can coexist with the environment? We do have it. Plastic usage has become a huge concern recently. Therefore, we, as a manufacturer is responsible for creating an innovation to develop a decomposable plastic. Bringing a mission “Striving for Sustainable Packaging” makes us continue to develop new products which can give better […]

Moving to Sustainable Packaging with Us

We hear you. No more worries on reducing plastics use & working with plastic ban regulation. We are now striving to a sustainable packaging. We develop products that can give better impact to our environment. Recycled Content, Bio Based Plastic & Oxo Biodegradable Film. We have them all. Recycled Content (TekRap Loop) We are now […]

Welcome to the New Plastic Generation – Bio Plastics

Realizing a high focus on reducing plastics use as one of environmental pollution, Tekpak Indonesia brings a competitive solution. Aside from offering an OXO Biodegradable Film, we are developing a wood based renewable resin. This renewable resin comes from a bio naptha, which turns into polyethylene resin, creating an alternative way for plastic production. If […]

The Increasing Price & the Shortage of LLDPE Raw Material

The recent 5 months have become a great challenge for us. LLDPE Raw Material Price is increasing gradually. Furthermore, the shipping cost to many region has doubled 2 until 3 times. These are happening since Nov 2020, as can be seen from below chart: Source: S&P Global Platts, 2021. In addition, according to ChemOrbis Price […]

How Our Stretch Film Product Help You?

Stretch Film, familiarly known as Pallet Wrap or Plastic Wrap is a stretchable plastic film used for wrapping or unitizing your goods in order to make the goods tighter & more stable. There are 2 types of the most well-known stretch film in the market: Cast Stretch Film & Blown Stretch Film. The difference is […]

What Products Can be Made from Our Nonwoven Material?

Nonwoven material, commonly called as nonwoven fabrics are flat sheets that comes from fibers & filaments component which are bonded together till it makes such kind of web structures. The components are bonded not by knitted method, but by mechanical, thermal or chemical process. Nonwoven material may look like a plain fabric, but it actually […]

Introducing Our New Product: What is Non Woven Materials?

Nonwoven fabrics are broadly defined as sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments (and by perforating films) mechanically, thermally or chemically. They are flat or tufted porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibres, molten plastic or plastic film. They are not made by weaving or knitting and do not […]

Precautionary Disinfection in Both Factory and Office Areas to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Many people & industries are trying to make an effort to lower the risk of COVID-19 infection, so does Tekpak Indonesia Management. Aside from wearing 3 ply mask every day, executing shifting working schedule, washing hands more often & keeping distance in working areas, disinfecting both factory and office areas regularly is also an important […]

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