Blown Top Sheet

Blown Film, or Tubular Film Extrusion is one of the most common methods in film manufacture. Blown Top Sheet, which is an example product of Blown Film, comes from Blown Cast Line Machine. The process involves the extrusion of a plastic through a circular die, followed by a “bubble-like” expansion.

Due to the application method will be ineffective and hard to use stretch film to cover the top part of a pallet, Tekpak is thriving to be a holistic supplier in the industrial packaging. We develop our own tough and high-quality Top Sheet.

The function of this product is to cover the top surface of your pallet. It is suitable for products that are very sensitive to contaminants and have to be in a perfectly clean condition at all times.

Our top sheet is made out of LLDPE material with various sizes to cater to different sizes of pallets. We also provide various packaging to offer different ways of application. We can provide these sheets in a box of separated sheets or in a roll with a perforated section for easier application. Contact our sales at to know more details about this new product.

We provide Top Sheet with various sizes and Packaging (In rolls or carton) to tend various needs of the market.

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