Lighter Core for Production Efficiency. Why Not?

Core works as a main part of stretch film product. Its material has been changed this day. In the past, people use PVC pipe as a core on stretch film industry. But nowadays, PVC pipe is getting expensive and people moved to paper because the material is easy to get and much cheaper compared to PVC pipe.

Production cost is increasing every year, so does LLDPE Raw Material Price. Therefore, we are trying to find a way about how to keep our competitive price for our customers. One of it is by having a lighter core. Currently, Tekpak Indonesia has changed all Hand Roll cores thickness from 6 mm to 3 mm.

This modification has been widely accepted by markets around the world & has made Tekpak Hand Roll products more competitive on the market. For your information, this innovative lighter core is supported by another member of Tekpak Group, our sister company.

If we can be more efficient without increasing the price to our customers, why not?

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