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PT Tekpak indonesia, one of the blown film manufacturers serving the export market, produces a wide variety of plastic wrapping variants ranging from various colors to sizes.

We serve the needs of export markets around the world for high-quality plastic wrapping needs, one of which is blown film products.

Blown film is a type of plastic packaging material produced through an extrusion process, where plastic is melted and blown into thin sheets.

Here are some types of blown film that are commonly used for various special applications:

  1. Shrink Film (Blown Shrink Film):

Shrink film is a type of blown film designed to shrink when heated, creating a tight package and protecting the product from damage. It is commonly used in the food, beverage, and other consumer product industries.

  1. Greenhouse Film:

Greenhouse film, also known as polycarbonate film, is used to protect plants from extreme weather and provide optimal growing conditions in greenhouses and tunnels.

  1. Geomembrane Film:

Geomembrane film is a type of film that is resistant to water penetration and is used in construction and environmental protection applications, or as to control fluid or gas migration in a human made project, structure, or system. It is widely used to help construction that may be affected by water

  1. Top Sheet Film:

Top sheet film is a thin film placed on the top of a pallet or package to protect the product from dust, moisture, and damage during storage or shipping.

Each type of blown film has its own special characteristics and applications, and the right selection depends on the specific needs of each project or application.

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