Stretch hood

There are so many protective materials that can be used in the process of shipping goods, ranging from cardboard, plastic boxes, to plastic packing. Sending goods, be it production or goods, almost certainly requires protection so that the goods or products sent can arrive at their destination in good condition as expected.

Of the several materials mentioned earlier, of course, each of them has its own characteristics. Cardboard can be made according to the size of the goods to be shipped, but it can be said that the use of cardboard is less efficient for shipping goods because of its characteristics that are not waterproof so there must be additional other materials to protect it. Then plastic boxes, just like cardboard where we can order plastic boxes custom, but can the price issued be economical? Another material is the use of plastic packing. Plastic packing can also wrap on a large scale by using special plastic packing such as stretch hood.

STRETCH HOOD is used to wrap products arranged on pallets. Shaped like a hood makes this product have high packing quality, as well as application time efficiency with the ability to effectively 150 pallets / hour. However, there is one drawback of this plastic packing, STRETCH HOOD requires a special machine for its application, which with this tool the pallet can be wrapped from 5 sides at once.

Here are the advantages of stretch hood:

  1. Shaped like a hood
  2. Elastic, where the plastic size is smaller than the pallet dimensions but can be pulled according to the size and quantity of products in the pallet.
  3. Can wrap pallets from 5 sides at once (right, left, top).
  4. Faster application with the latest technology capable of wrapping as many as 150-180 pallets in 1 hour.
  5. Can be printed according to your wishes
  6. The size corresponds to the standard pallet size.

Disadvantages of stretch hood:

  1. The application should use a special stretch hood machine to wrap the pallet. Because plastic is smaller than pallets, plastic is stretched to 4 sides.

Tekpak Indonesia provides stretch hood in thicknesses ranging from 80um. In addition, our stretch hood can be added additives such as UVI, dyes, and OXO. For more info contact us at sales@tekpak.co.id

More information? email to sales@tekpak.co.id

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