Shrink Film is one of the plastic wrapping / packaging that is usually used to wrap products that will be marketed to the public. Products that are usually wrapped using shrink film are usually electronics, soft drinks, makeup, medicine bottles, books and many others. Because of its heat-requiring nature, shrink film is applied using heating technology through media such as heat guns or heat tunnels in conveyors.

Shrink Film is a type of plastic that can shrink to the shape of the product when heated to a certain temperature. The function of shrink film is commonly used to protect products from dust and water as well as friction that can damage the packaging during distribution.

Like other plastic wrapping, shrink film can also be said to have almost the same function as other plastics, namely

  1. Beautify the appearance when the product is on display

This makes the level of consumer interest in the product increase. The products on display become more attractive and more neatly arranged

  1. Shrink film can be used to protect products

Shrink film has better durability when compared to other plastic packaging. This type of plastic is widely used to protect various products very well and is difficult to damage. It is very difficult to tear and is not easily damaged when exposed to extreme heat / cold temperatures. Therefore, shrink film is widely used to protect products.

  1. Simplifies the shipping process.

Because the characteristics of the material used in shrink film are quite durable and strong, it is suitable for the ease of the shipping process. Manufacturers do not need to worry about the product being damaged. Judging from the functions you have, always make sure you choose the right shrink film from an experienced shrink film manufacturer.

  1. Save storage space

Due to the nature of shrink film that is able to wrap and unite several products into one package, thus making storage space looser and allowing storage space to have additional space to store other products.

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