Stretch film has unique characteristics that make it stretchable so that products or goods can be protected. Although stretch film has a thickness that can be considered thin, stretch film is not easily torn when exposed to sharp objects. This is due to its elasticity so that stretch film cannot be easily torn when punctured by sharp objects.

Speaking of stretch film, it can be said that we are familiar with this one product, namely stretch film or it can also be called plastic film or plastic wrapping. Products that have many uses, one of which is to wrap industrial products that will be sent to consumers. Usually stretch film is used so that industrial goods that are sent remain safe from various threats of dust, water and sharp objects until they reach the hands of customers.

Usually, stretch film has a stretchability of up to 250% of its original shape. But did you know that Tekpak Indonesia has a product that is much more special than that? In fact, its stretchability can reach up to 300%* (*Depending on the thickness of the plastic). Our product has quite different specifications compared to most stretch films which have a maximum stretchability of only 250%.

Although the stretchability is very high, just like most stretch films this type of stretch film has a very high level of durability. With such high stretchability, this stretch film is claimed to be able to provide a higher economic level about the per-pallet packing costs.

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