spunbond for furniture industries

Besides having a function as the main raw material for making bags, masks, and PPE, spunbond fabric can also function as a protective material for an item. Nonwoven material is one of the materials that can be formed, utilized and applied to various items.

Seeing the function of spunbond, making spunbond nonwoven material can be applied to various items in the furniture industry such as Spring Bed (Mattress). The application of spunbond in spring beds is usually found on the inside of the spring bed. Spunbond is used as a spring protector or commonly called ‘Pocket Spring’ which has a function to keep the spring in the mattress so that it remains good, durable, and stable.

Spring beds (mattresses) that use “pocket spring” technology have several advantages, namely the mattress is able to adjust flexibility according to body pressure and body movement, does not make noise, can minimize shock, and is able to adjust to the curves / shape of a person’s body. This is why the use of pocket spring is one of the influential factors in getting quality sleep.

Therefore, it is not surprising that spring beds that use pocket springs with spunbond material have a much higher price compared to spring beds without pocket springs. Due to the use of pocket springs in mattresses can provide better sleep quality for users.

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