Moving to Sustainable Packaging with Us

We hear you.

No more worries on reducing plastics use & working with plastic ban regulation.

We are now striving to a sustainable packaging.

We develop products that can give better impact to our environment.

Recycled Content, Bio Based Plastic & Oxo Biodegradable Film. We have them all.

  • Recycled Content (TekRap Loop)

We are now developing our recycled multilayer cast stretch film. We are able to mix 30% of recycled material into our existing formula.

Our recycled content film has been greatly received in UK Market.


  • Bio Based Plastic (TekRap Bio)

While conventional plastic comes from a fossil, this product consists of bio ingredients resin. This new plastic generation would lead to a lower carbon footprint & can be a solution towards fossil fuels & energy use.


  • Oxo Biodegradable Film (TekRap Oxo)

Our Oxo Biodegradable Film is produced of a combination between that special additive & our existing formula. The film can degrade after a period of time by the help of the sun & other environmental factors.

Our Oxo Film has been greatly received in Malaysia & UK Market.


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