The Renewable Formula of Our Oxo Biodegradable Film

Need a plastic which can coexist with the environment? We do have it.

Plastic usage has become a huge concern recently. Therefore, we, as a manufacturer is responsible for creating an innovation to develop a decomposable plastic. Bringing a mission “Striving for Sustainable Packaging” makes us continue to develop new products which can give better impacts to our environment.

Now, we are proudly to announce that the formula of our oxo biodegradable plastic is renewed.

So, what’s special from our renewable Oxo Bio Plastics formula?

It can degrade 20x much faster than other common plastics.


That degradation goes through 2 phases as below:

1) The Film will degrade into a molecule after a period of time by the help of the air and other environmental factors.

2) That molecular weight of the molecule becomes so small, less than normal plastic.

It faster the end of plastic life within only 2 years until 5 years. While normal plastic takes 100 years to degrade.


Our renewable film has been tested & You can find the result of the test here:


This oxo biodegradable plastic usage has become quite familiar recently.

We can find this oxo biodegradable formula in Stretch Film, Shrink Film, Bottle, and any others.

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