Packing is an important stage in the supply chain that requires the selection of materials that suit business needs and processes. One frequently used material is stretch film, which comes in several types designed to meet various needs. This article will discuss three commonly used stretch film types: Machine Roll, Hand Roll, and Bundle Tape.

  • Machine Roll

Machine Roll is a type of stretch film that is ideal for use with automated wrapping machines in production facilities or large warehouses. This stretch film is specially made for compatibility with automatic wrapping machines and is designed to provide speed and efficiency in the packing process. By using machine rolls, companies can optimize the time and manpower required for packing activities, increasing productivity and operational efficiency.

  • Hand Roll

Hand rolls are a more suitable option for manual use where workers directly wrap items by hand. Hand rolls offer ease of use and flexibility, allowing users to easily customize the amount of film needed for each pack.

  • Bundle Tape

Bundle tape is a simpler and more economical packing solution, used to tie multiple small items together. Sterch film in the form of bundle tape is useful for holding small items securely during transportation or storage. The use of bundle tape allows the unification of small items into a single unit that is easy to identify and manage, optimizing the packing process and reducing the risk of loss or damage.

In choosing the appropriate type of stretch film, companies need to consider factors such as production volume, packing method, and the type of items to be packed. By understanding the uses and characteristics of each type of stretch film, companies can make informed decisions to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness in the packing process.

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