Using Stretch Film

Stretch film is one of the most effective and versatile packaging solutions. Used in various industries, stretch film helps protect products from dust, dirt, moisture, and damage during transportation and storage. To maximize the use of stretch film, here are some tips that you can apply.

  1. Choose the Right Type of Stretch Film

The type of stretch film you choose must match your packaging needs. There are several types of stretch film available, such as:

– Hand Stretch Film: Used for manual packaging.

– Machine Stretch Film: Used with packaging machines for large volumes.

  1. Prepare Goods Well

Before starting to wrap, make sure the items to be packed are neatly and stably arranged on a pallet or other container. Make sure there are no parts protruding outwards that could damage the film or make the packaging ineffective.

  1. Start from the Bottom of the Pallet

When wrapping items with stretch film, start at the bottom of the pallet or container. Wrap several times around the bottom to ensure the film sticks firmly and provides initial stability. Make sure the film is pulled tightly but not too tightly so that it adheres perfectly.

  1. Use the Right Wrapping Technique

Wrap the film from bottom to top in a spiral pattern, ensuring each layer of film overlaps by at least 50%. This provides additional strength and ensures that no part is missed.

  1. Pay Attention to Film Tension

Film tension is key to ensuring items remain secure during transportation. If it is too tight, the film may tear; if it is too loose, the item may shift. Use the right tension so that the film can stretch and hold the goods well.

  1. Wrap the Top Neatly

After reaching the top of the item, wrap it several times at the top to ensure the film sticks and provides extra protection. This also helps keep the film from slipping off during transportation.

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