Stretch film is a type of plastic film that is elastic and flexible. Its main function is to protect items during shipping or storage by wrapping and holding items tightly. Here are some of the main functions and uses of stretch film:

  1. Protecting Goods: Stretch film is used to protect items from dust, dirt, moisture, and physical damage during the shipping or storage process.
  2. Reinforces Loading: Stretch film helps bind items together, maintaining stability and preventing shifting during transportation.
  3. Maintains Security: By tightly wrapping items, stretch film can help prevent theft and manipulation of goods.
  4. Facilitates Identification: The color or transparency of stretch film can help in item identification or color coding for classification.
  5. Cost Savings: Compared to traditional packing methods like cardboard and other wrap materials, stretch films tend to be lighter and more economical.
  6. Extends Shelf Life: By protecting items from damaging environmental conditions, stretch film can help extend the shelf life of certain items.

With its various functions and uses, stretch film has become an essential component in modern supply chains to protect, secure, and optimize the process of shipping and storing goods.

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