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Following the United Kingdom’s government regulation in regard to the implementation of recycled plastics, Tekpak Indonesia has successfully developed it as our other product.

Now, we are able to produce Cast Stretch Film with 30% recycled content. Although with the addition of such an enormous recycled material, we strive to ensure that our quality is still within the range of how a stretch film product should be.

We also receive many great feedbacks from our customers. In other words, our 30% recycled film product has been greatly accepted by the UK market.

Whether it is post-industrial or post-consumer, our 30% recycled product comes from a recovered material that can be reprocessed by a reprocessing facility. Recovered material here means the waste that can no longer be used for its intended purpose.

However, due to its existence as a premium product, minimum and maximum order quantity is applied.

Contact sales@tekpak.co.id for further information.

More information? email to sales@tekpak.co.id

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