Introducing Our New Product: Carton Box

To meet the ever changing needs in the market, Tekpak Indonesia has continuously developed some new industrial products. Collaborating with our sister company, we are now producing a carton box.

Carton Box, widely known as Corrugated Box, is a packaging material that is used to pack & protect your goods during storage & shipment. It consists of several high quality cardboard sheets. Therefore, single wall & double wall corrugated box can be provided.

This product is available in White & Brown colours.

Aside from a Blank carton, you can also have your own design printed in the carton box.

Min Order: 500 Sheets.

Variety Sizes:

  • 305mm x 215mm x 270mm
  • 305mm x 215mm x 225mm
  • 430mm x 310mm x 165mm
  • 435mm x 410mm x 600mm
  • Etc

You can combine this product together along with our other products: Pallet Wrap, Top Sheet/Pallet Cover & OPP Tape.

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