Utilizing blown film technology, we always strive to answer the needs of the market, including in agriculture. The use of greenhouse film is very suitable for farming with quite a lot of land. Quoted from the ugm.ac.id page, Greenhouses Film for the tropics are very possible and have many advantages in crop production and cultivation.

The cultivation of plants, both ornamental and vegetable crops is on the rise at this time. Moreover, at this time, the cultivation of plants does not have to have a large area of land. With the development of technology, it also has an impact on the ease of cultivating plants. The use of greenhouse films is also rampant today. Besides being able to protect cultivated plants from various kinds of extreme weather, the use of greenhouse film can facilitate cultivation anywhere and even with minimal land area.

Using Greenhouse Film, agricultural production can be carried out throughout the year, where production in open land is not possible due to weather factors. Greenhouse film structures in the tropics often use their sides to protect and control the temperature by using natural or controlled ventilation with coated with nets (screens) that can reduce insect and pest attacks.

Greenhouse film has influential factors in the process of plant growth such as temperature, sunlight, humidity, and air can be provided, maintained and evenly distributed at an optimal level. For this purpose required in the manufacture of greenhouses is to have high light transmission, low heat consumption, sufficient and efficient ventilation, structure and strong.

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