What is OPP Tape?

OPP Tape, an Adhesive tape made from BOPP film, is a perfect solution for most taping application. Our OPP Tape product is formulated with special Acrylic water based glue which has a high adhesive capability. The high adhesive ability makes the product suitable to be applied in most climates.

Our OPP tape product is available in 3 kinds:

  1. Brown
  2. Crystal Clear
  3. Clear

It is also available in various thicknesses, starting from 40 mic to above.

However, as we do an OEM service, you can request other specified thickness as well. We do also serve a core printing request. T&C: MOQ is applied.

Fyi, our OPP Tape product is greatly accepted in some International Markets.

So, what are you waiting for? Just tell us your needs & Go send your inquiry to sales@tekpak.co.id

We’ll be glad to help.

More information? email to sales@tekpak.co.id

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