How to Measure the Stretch Level of Your Stretch Film?

It is required to check the goods we receive from the supplier but unfortunately not everyone who deals with the stretch film products or pallet wrap is lucky to have a proper equipment to do that.

In this case checking manually could be an option, though the result would not be seen precisely, but still it can be used as a guidance.

This is one of the simple ways to check the stretch level manually – we need two people to do this test.

  1. Hold the roll and loosely pull the film for 10cm length, equals to 100% stretch (This is just for an example).

  1. Put a ruler or any similar stuffs on the loose film and mark it with a pen marker like the above picture.
  2. Pull the film out to the maximum stretch. The 10 cm mark should be stretched out, then measure it for the second time with a ruler.
  3. Now, you would be able to see the stretch difference. It is stretched from 10 cm length (100% stretch) to 37 cm length, (equals to 270% stretch).

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