Tekpak Agricultural Film

Our New Product Development, Agricultural Films, is predominately used to make bales of silage. The functions are to provide reliable protection from weathering and moisture for smaller units of feed over longer periods of time. Thus, ensuring that feed retains its high quality. Because of its good adhesive properties, agricultural stretch films create an ideal seal around the bale protecting it from outside influences. The films can be used for both round and square silage bales.

Agricultural stretch films are produced using an extrusion blow process and provide ultimate mechanical durability. With the most modern and high-performance agricultural blow extrusion, Tekpak achieves absolute process efficiency. The multi-layer extrusion process ensures agricultural stretch films of exceptionally high quality. Consistent quality assurance guarantees that, in addition to all the outstanding features, an unparalleled level of puncture resistance is attained as well.

Thanks to its elasticity, Tekpak agricultural stretch films are also suitable for use in high speed baling, a technique that allows making more silage in less time – an essential efficiency factor.

The available colours for this film are white, black and green and the available dimensions are 500 mm x 1500 m or 500 mm x 1800 m.

Silage making processes can also be made in smaller units. With baling, silage can be made and stored in a wider variety of locations even without bunker silos.

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