How Our Stretch Film Product Help You?

Stretch Film, familiarly known as Pallet Wrap or Plastic Wrap is a stretchable plastic film used for wrapping or unitizing your goods in order to make the goods tighter & more stable.

There are 2 types of the most well-known stretch film in the market: Cast Stretch Film & Blown Stretch Film. The difference is on their extrusion process (the way they are produced) & on their film clarity.

There are many functions of stretch film, but its main functions are: 1) To hold the goods on the pallet to be more stable, 2) To unitize the pallet loads to be tighter, and 3) To protect the goods during transport and storage.

This is one of the examples to show the point No 1 & 2:

Lifting a pallet using a forklift can cause a bent pallet. The goods on the pallet can also shift, or even fall.

Therefore, it is required to wrap around the goods on the pallet using our stretch film product.

The stretch film does not only unitize the pallet loads to be tighter, it also holds the goods. As a result, they won’t shift or fall.

Furthermore, our stretch film product can also protect your products from dust, moisture & any insects, as they will not contaminate your products directly. You can also improve your efficiency by using our Thin Multi-Layer Stretch Film product.

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