What Products Can be Made from Our Nonwoven Material?

Nonwoven material, commonly called as nonwoven fabrics are flat sheets that comes from fibers & filaments component which are bonded together till it makes such kind of web structures. The components are bonded not by knitted method, but by mechanical, thermal or chemical process.

Nonwoven material may look like a plain fabric, but it actually has lots function as its characteristics are easy to absorb, flame retardant, wash ability, easy to filter, liquid repellency, sound & thermal insulation, and also soft. Furthermore, this material can also be used as a bacterial barrier.

Therefore, you can find our nonwoven material products used in many industries, such as hospital, hotel, stationary store, supermarket & home furnishing store.

Our nonwoven material fabrics can be produced into a face mask, surgical cap, surgical gown, goodie bag, household cleaning wipes, pouch, hotel sandals, mattress, and many others like below pictures:


So, what are you waiting for?

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