Standard Machine Roll

Tekpak’s machine roll is robust, which ensures superior load retention.  The high cling characteristic guarantees products are tightly wrapped and dust-free.   Its extreme puncture resistance can withstand any type of product configuration on a pallet.  Machine Roll’s superior stretch capability increases the yield thus improves packing efficiency.  Our superior clarity also guarantees that the wrapped products’ visibility to be used with barcodes.  Therefore, it is the most affordable solution for transporting goods on a pallet

Our Machine Rolls come in a variety of thicknesses from 12-30 microns (48-120 G).  It has a Stretch level range of up to 340%.  With a wider stretch film like 750mm wide, customers can increase the packing speed by having fewer layers in wrapping.

Our machine roll can also come in various colors (tinted and opaque).  Moreover, we can incorporate different additives such as UVI protection to protect goods from UV light.  This protection from UV lights increases the customer’s storage capacity by enabling outdoor storage.

The most common sizes:

  • 500 mm x 1500 m x 23 mic
  • 500 mm x 2000 m x 18 mic
  • 20” x 5000’ x 80G

Available in:

  • Various Sizes
  • Various Colors

Available Addition:

  • UV protection
  • One-side Slip

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