Power Hand Roll

Our Power Hand roll is thin yet tough and strong. It is cost-efficient and suitable for those who do not want to exercise a lot of force in the applications. Our film also helps end-user to prevent any injuries during wrapping such as back injury. With its tough characteristics, the customer does not need many layers during wrapping to protect their valuable goods.

The thickness of our Power Hand Roll varied from 8- 14 microns and they have a stretch level that ranges from 100-150%. Its puncture resistance guarantees customers to wrap any irregular loads. It’s toughness guarantee customer to apply without exerting high force. With thin-film products, customers can be assured that they are reducing the amount of plastic being used hence helping the environment.

Common Sizes:

  • 500 mm x 500 m x 12 microns
  • 18” x 2000’ x 40G

Available in:

  • Various Sizes (Width, Length, and Thickness)
  • Various Color and UV Protection
  • Various Core (Extended and Sizes)

Available Addition:

  • One-side slip
  • Dispenser

More information? email to sales@tekpak.co.id

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