Pre-stretched Hand Roll

Our unique manufacturing process of Pre-Stretch Film allows the material to offer a distinct set of time-saving and money-saving benefits. As Tekpak’s Pre-Stretch Film requires little force during the wrapping process, it naturally tightens once you apply it. This unique ability to tighten after application and deliver an admirable level of film memory is the single most vital reason for using Pre-Stretch Film.

Tekpak’s Pre-Stretch Film allows your employees to simply walk forward and tuck the film at the corner. As the film is Pre-Stretch, customers get more yield out of a roll thus reducing cost significantly. Furthermore, since the film is already Pre-Stretched, it’s exponentially easier to wrap and requires much less physical strength thus reduced work injury such as back injury.

Common Size:

  • 400 mm x 800 m x 7 mic
  • 420 mm x 800 m x 8 mic

Available in:

  • Vatious Size (Length)

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