Super Power Pre-Stertch

Our Super Power Pre-Stretched Machine film is our highest quality machine film. It has a high yield which results in the lowest wrapping cost per pallet and the highest puncture resistance. With our modern technology, the Super Power Pre-Stretched Machine Roll does not have to be thick, Its thickness ranges from 12-30 microns. With thickness as low as 12 microns, it still has a stretch level of up to 300%. It is most suitable to be used in Rotating Arm typed machine wrapper.

Common Sizes:

  • 500 mm x 3000 m x 12 mic
  • 500 mm x 2100 m x 17 mic
  • 20″ x 8000 ft x 60 G

Available in:

  • Various Sizes (Width, Length, and Thickness)

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