Shrink Film

Shrink Film is mostly know in food industries as a safe packaging for food or beverages. It usually used as a tool for bundling multiple products together. Besides the food and beverage industry, Shrink Film is actually can be applied in the much wider business. They can also be used as a complement of stretch film in unitizing products on a pallet. It is widely used to combining sack of cement or charcoal on a pallet. It can also be used to enclose a pallet fully from all 6 sides (Top, Bottom, and 4 Sides). By enclosing the pallet fully, the product inside is secure from dew and evaporation. Shrink film also can be used as a tool to bundling multiple products together.

Tekpak Shrink Film is manufactured on a modern and advance Multi Layer Blown Film Machine. Our trained operators ensure that all of our product has a consistently high quality to deliver to our customers

Standard sizes:

  • 355 mm x 1000 m x 60 mic
  • 480 mm x 1900 m x 70 mic

Available in:

  • various size (width, length, and thickness)
  • Various shrink ratio (TD and MD)
  • Various color
  • Various Sealability level
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