OPP tape, also known as BOPP tape (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene tape), is a versatile adhesive tape commonly used for packaging and sealing. Its strong adhesive properties and durability make it a popular choice in various industries. However, using OPP tape correctly is essential to ensure optimal performance and secure packaging. Here are some guidelines on the right way to use OPP tape effectively.

  1. Choose the Right Type of OPP Tape: OPP tapes come in different thicknesses, widths, and adhesive strengths. Consider the specific requirements of your packaging task to select the appropriate type of tape. For lightweight packages, a thinner tape may suffice, while heavier packages might require a thicker and stronger tape.
  2. Prepare the Surface: Before applying OPP tape, ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free from any dust or debris. This will improve the tape’s adhesion and prevent it from peeling off easily. Use a clean cloth or alcohol-based cleaner to remove any dirt or oil residue.
  3. Cut the Tape to the Desired Length: Measure the length required for sealing the package and cut the OPP tape accordingly. It’s better to have a slightly longer tape than necessary to ensure complete coverage and a secure seal.
  4. Apply the Tape Firmly: Hold one end of the OPP tape against the package surface and press it firmly, ensuring it adheres evenly. Slowly unroll the tape while maintaining tension, smoothing it out as you go. Avoid stretching the tape excessively as it can reduce its adhesive strength.
  5. Use Adequate Tape Coverage: To ensure a secure seal, apply the OPP tape across the entire width of the package’s opening or seam. Overlapping the tape onto both sides of the package will provide additional reinforcement and prevent the tape from easily peeling off.
  6. Use a Tape Dispenser: Using a tape dispenser can make the process more efficient and help achieve a consistent application. A dispenser with a built-in blade will ensure clean, straight cuts and prevent unnecessary wastage.
  7. Store Properly: To maintain the quality of the OPP tape, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Improper storage conditions can affect the tape’s adhesive properties and longevity.
  8. Test for Adhesion: After applying the OPP tape, press it firmly with your hand or a suitable tool to ensure proper adhesion. This step is crucial to confirm that the tape is securely attached and won’t come off easily.

By following these guidelines, you can use OPP tape effectively for packaging and sealing. Remember to choose the right type of tape, prepare the surface, apply it firmly and evenly, and store it properly. Using OPP tape correctly will help ensure the integrity and security of your packages during transit or storage. For any information about opp tape email us at

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