Eco-friendly stretch films are emerging as an innovative solution to achieve sustainability goals. These stretch film products are designed to reduce carbon footprint, limit raw material usage, and support global efforts to reduce waste.

Our product types that are pioneers in this endeavor are as follows:


This cutting-edge product is manufactured using a special blend of biodegradable oxo materials. TEKRAP OXO uses biodegradable additives that accelerate the degradation process. When exposed to environmental factors such as sunlight and oxygen, the film breaks down into smaller fragments, making it easier for microorganisms to consume and biodegrade over time. This significantly reduces the environmental impact, leaving only a harmless residue.


TEKRAP LOOP, which is a packaging material made from a unique blend of materials, including 30% recycled content. TEKRAP LOOP is made from a blend of high-quality materials, including 30% recycled content. This combination ensures optimal functionality while minimizing environmental impact.

The incorporation of 30% recycled content in Tekrap Loop reduces reliance on new materials, thereby lowering carbon emissions and conserving valuable resources.


One of the emerging innovative solutions is TEKRAP Bio, a stretch film made from 50% sugarcane waste. TEKRAP Bio is a sustainable stretch film brand that utilizes a by-product of sugarcane processing – bagasse – to create its revolutionary packaging material. Bagasse, which is the fibrous residue left after extracting the juice from sugarcane, is usually considered as waste. And TEKRAP Bio recognized its potential as a renewable resource and turned it into high-quality stretch film.

The adoption of eco-friendly stretch film products is a positive step towards more sustainable packaging. Through this innovation, companies can achieve operational efficiency while maintaining environmental responsibility. With increased awareness and continued innovation efforts, eco-friendly stretch films are further strengthening their role in creating a more sustainable packaging future.

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