Machine-type stretch film is a type of stretch film specifically designed for use with automatic or semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines. These stretch films typically have characteristics that allow them to be properly applied by wrapping machines, including consistent thickness and strength and the ability to stretch well during the wrapping process. Machine-type stretch films also usually have a paper core that is compatible with pallet wrapping machines.

In the modern packaging industry, the use of machine-type stretch film has become an efficient and reliable solution for automatic pallet wrapping.

One of the main advantages of machine-type stretch film is its ability to be applied consistently and efficiently by pallet wrapping machines. With consistent thickness and guaranteed strength, these stretch films can wrap pallets tightly and securely, maintaining the safety and stability of goods during shipping and storage.

In addition, machine-type stretch films also usually have a paper core that matches the pallet wrapping machine, ensuring perfect compatibility and optimal performance. This paper core allows the roll film to be placed easily on the wrapping machine, reducing setup time and improving operational efficiency.

With the ability to stretch well during the wrapping process, machine-type stretch films also help reduce material wastage and ensure optimal film usage for each pallet wrap. This not only saves costs, but also reduces environmental impact.

In addition, machine-type stretch film can also offer additional features such as UV resistance, protection against dust and contamination, and the ability to automatically tape the ends of the film after wrapping is complete. These features enhance the safety and protection of goods during the logistics process.

With this combination of advantages, machine-type stretch film has become the superior choice for automated pallet packaging in various industries, including logistics, manufacturing, and distribution. By ensuring safety, stability, and efficiency in pallet wrapping, machine-type stretch film makes a valuable contribution in maintaining the integrity of goods and improving operational efficiency.

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