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What is OPP Tape?

OPP Tape, an Adhesive tape made from BOPP film, is a perfect solution for most taping application. Our OPP Tape product is formulated with special Acrylic water based glue which has a high adhesive capability. The high adhesive ability makes the product suitable to be applied in most climates. Our OPP tape product is available […]

What is MD & TD in Stretch Film?

MD is shortened for Machine Direction, while TD is for Transverse Direction (also known as CD or Cross Direction).  Depending on the manufacturing process, stretch film might have different tensile strength value in its TD and MD due to how its molecule is aligned. Cast stretch film has higher tensile strength in MD, while blown […]

COVID-19 Updates: We Remain Operational

COVID-19, the new widely spread pandemic, is becoming a great concern recently. It affects many aspects around the world, including business & economic aspects. Tekpak Indonesia, which is located in a strategical industrial area, has implemented several additional protection rules to protect the safety of our employees as well as our products. During the increasing […]

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