Covid-19 Updates: Tekpak’s Productions Continue as Usual

As Covid-19 spread and affecting many aspects of the world. Tekpak Indonesia has implemented several additional Protection rules to protect the safety of our employees as well as our product. In the event of increasing positive cases in Indonesia’s capital city, we have encouraged our employees to be more mindful of their health and their loved ones. With this encouragement and measures we took, we have been successful in maintaining a safe and healthy working environment in our factory area.

During this uncertain time, many of our customers have expressed their concern on slower or even dead supply as many of their suppliers were forced to temporarily stop their productions. Therefore, we will carry on our production as usual to make sure that our customer’s needs and supply will not be affected. We believe with this decision we will be able to support our customers, employees, and some aspect of national as well as the global economy during this challenging time. We believe that better days will come and until then, we hope you will stay healthy and safe.

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